Jim Cundiff, Founder & CEO

Jim Cundiff brings over 35 years of technology sales and sales management experience to help develop cost-effective solutions for our clients. He considers himself a valuable resource to current and prospective clients with the goal of understanding their needs and developing solutions that deliver results.

In the past, Jim has helped firms specializing in media technology, customer relationship management, complex system interoperability and services solutions build valuable customer relationships based on mutual value.

Prior to founding Transitioning IT Solutions in 2018, Jim operated a sales and tactical marketing consulting services firm helping clients worldwide improve their ability to grow their businesses, enter new markets, introduce innovative solutions, and build lasting relationships with clients.

Jim is from Virginia, attended Virginia Tech, and currently lives in Decatur, GA, with his wife Nancy and their cat Woody.

Our Technicians and Project Managers

Transitioning IT Solutions Technicians

We build our project teams from a group of over fifty technicians. All are professional, reliable, and capable. Many have worked with us since our founding. Many have advanced technical certifications. And all have years of experience working with a variety of corporate information technology systems.