Hardware Installation and Configuration

Many of our clients engage us to help with installation and configuration of desktop IT hardware prior to a workspace relocation. Perhaps you’ve just renovated some of your office space, or you’re getting ready to occupy a new floor or building. Transitioning IT Solutions can help you get monitor arms, monitors, docking stations, keyboard, and everything else deployed, installed, cabled, configured, and tested.

We collaborate with you and/or your vendors to make sure that on “Day One” everything is ready to go for your info-tech dependent teams.

Transitioning IT Solutions can…

  • Mount monitor arms
  • Mount under-desk cable management baskets
  • Mount monitors on arms (or stands)
  • Route and connect monitor power, video, and multimedia data cables
  • Accurately adjust monitor arms tension and tilt
  • Install, cable, configure, and test PC towers in under-desk supports
  • Install, cable, configure, and test docking stations
  • Install, cable, configure, and test telephone handsets and headsets
  • Install and route network data cables
  • Install and cable AC power strips

We’ll verify power-on and, if possible, connectivity for all equipment. Discrepancies (i.e., “dead” network ports or AC outlets, furniture malfunction or damage, etc.) will be compiled and reported for resolution.

If we install your new hardware components, we are better able to troubleshoot problems caused by the interaction between components. For example, monitor arms mounted by one vendor may not accommodate power and data cabling for monitors mounted by another vendor, or cable management baskets mounted by one vendor may be misplaced to handle your planned cabling scheme.

We take extraordinary pride in making the new workspace as inviting as possible. We will expertly manage cabling. We will orient monitors uniformly. We will gather, sort and dispose of any surplus hardware and packaging according to your direction. We’ll set sit-stand desks at a uniform height and push chairs neatly up under desks.

And we can tackle big jobs in just a few days while your IT or facilities teams work on more critical matters.

Pre-Installation Configuration Consulting and Workspace Modeling

Despite all the best intentions and plans, we often find serious obstacles when putting all the components together for the first time. We can you avoid this headache modeling your workspaces a few weeks before the hardware installation is scheduled.

We will come to your facility and use your new furniture, monitor arms, monitors, docking stations, cables, power strips and everything else to assemble examples of the various workspaces you plan.

Modeling the workspaces provides for early identification of incompatible connectivity between components; cable lengths that are too short, too long, or too thick for installation; monitor arms that are unable to adjust to position selected monitors in correct positions; insufficient power or network ports; poor or missing cable management capability in the chosen furniture; and more.

Pre-installation modeling saves precious time and money by identifying these problems early rather than discovering them on the day hardware installation begins.