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What will “Day One” in your new office feel like?

We help you make sure “Day One” is the best it can be.

Transitioning IT Solutions provides corporate work space relocation, configuration, installation and de-installation solutions for today’s information technology dependent work environments. We employ a customer-focused, predictable and repeatable process to assure an accurate, timely and cost-effective result.

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So, you ask, “What do you do?”

Transitioning IT Solutions provides corporate work space relocation, configuration, installation and de-installation solutions for today’s information technology dependent work environments. We employ a customer-focused, predictable and repeatable Continuous Quality Assurance Process to help assure an accurate, timely and cost-effective result.

Planning and executing a move of vital information technology employees can be a daunting task, especially for business or IT executives with enough on their plate. We can help because our primary focus is helping our clients relocate corporate information technology work spaces.

We meet many clients who, in the past, have tried to manage a relocation themselves. In just about every case, they encountered unanticipated problems. The biggest threat is to success is failure to get employees desktop equipment de-installed, reinstalled and checked before the scheduled “live” date. Even when everything seems to be in place, a poor quality assurance process can mean frustrating delays when equipment turns up missing, is incorrectly configured, arranged in unexpected fashion or a myriad of other issues.

The Transitioning IT Solutions team has successfully relocated thousands of employee workspaces. We have first-hand experience with what can and does go wrong. And, we can help identify and suggest solutions to potential problems early.

Here’s How We Do It.

First, we learn about you, your current work space, your new work space and your employees. We perform a detailed review of floorplans, office and desk configurations, placement of network and power connections, desktop hardware and numerous other factors. We work with you to develop a complete project plan that takes into account all of this information.

Are you going to arrange desktops in the same basic layout as currently exist? Are you going to standardize office, cubicle and other work space layouts? Are you moving from standard desks to new sit-stand models? Are you implementing a “hoteling” work space? Are you refreshing or replacing hardware elements such as monitors? What is the timeframe for relocating employees; for example, over a weekend? Are you planning to move employees in phases? Answers to these questions and many more mean that we create a plan specific to your needs; one with the highest likelihood for on-time success.

Second, we employ our exclusive Continuous Quality Assurance Process.

Our process is predictable, repeatable and flexible to a wide range of client needs and requirements. It virtually assures a successful, on-time and cost-effective result. Step one of the process is modeling the new work space configurations before moving day. This allows us to identify unforeseen problems with new environments (e.g., cables too short to reach outlets, lack of accessible power or network/phone connections, poor cable management capabilities, etc.) It also allows you to spot problems that can impact employee work flow (e.g., phone placement, monitor configurations, etc.)

The data we gather also informs us on the resources and skills required to meet your move deadline and budget.

On move day, our team of professional, experienced, trained and reliable project managers and technicians will use our unique process assurance work sheets to capture inventory and placement information. This detailed process assures that all desktop hardware is tracked; that items are placed in the proper location during the reconnection phase; and that any problems are spotted and corrected well ahead of “Day One.” Furthermore, we employ rolling quality assurance checks to spot mistakes early and dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on rework.

Finally, on the day you go live in the new work space, we provide “Day One” Command Center support to address any problems that employees encounter as they arrive in the new facility. An employee shows up and wants a monitor adjusted; we take care of it. They want their phone or monitors moved around; we take care of it. New display configuration or settings wrong; we take care of it. Phone not working; we take care of it.

So, What Makes Us Different?

We feel there are many factors that make Transitioning IT Solutions your best choice as a partner for your upcoming move. They include:

  • Our Client First Commitment: We work for you and only you. Although we may be chosen to work as part of a team of other vendors or a project management firm, your satisfaction is our only concern.
  • Team Approach: When we work as part of a larger team of contractors or a project management firm, we use our experience to add value to the overall effort.
  • Our Process: Perhaps our biggest advantage is our process – developed and refined based on our experience with thousands of work space relocations. If it’s happened, we’ve probably seen it and have methods to address it.
  • Communication and Accountability: Finally, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to you and your specific needs. And, we take ownership of and pride in our work.

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